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Welcome and thank you for
visiting!  I am Jeff Keightley and I
would love to take you fishing!  
The Oregon coast is a two hour
drive from Portland.  For 2015, I
will once again be offering a fish
catch guarantee. On captain Jeff's
boat only:
If no one in your party catches
fish, the trip is half price!
Columbia River Salmon Charter
Spring Chinook Fishing guide Jeff Keightley
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Oregon Sturgeon fishing charters
Latest news: 10/13/15 Now booking Chinook (king salmon) fishing
in Tillamook bay (salmon fishing is very slow here).  Bottom fishing
and crabbing are both excellent here.  We are booking bottom
fishing and crab trips too!

Bottom fishing is also open.  Its one of the most fun and active
fisheries around.  Ling cod, sea bass and a variety of other tasty
fish are available.  Bottom fishing trips are normally shorter in
duration and depend upon ocean conditions being good.  The limit
is 7 fish per person and 2 Ling cod, which do not count toward the

World famous buoy 10 salmon fishing opens August 1st.  Salmon
fishing in the Columbia river during August and September is
normally excellent.  Large Chinook (King salmon) and aggressive
Coho salmon make their way up the river by the millions.  Its a
good idea to book early this time of year!

Sturgeon fishing in the lower Columbia river during summer
months is hard to put into words! Incredibly fun!  10 foot and
larger fish are a possibility, 20-70 fish a day!  Sturgeon are the
largest freshwater fish in North America and they fight like mad! Im
telling you, eat your wheaties prior to this one!  Sturgeon fishing is
catch and release only.  No retention, no harvest.  Yes fun!