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Welcome and thank you for
visiting!  I am Jeff Keightley
and I would love to take you

For 2017, I will once again be
offering a fish catch guarantee.
On Captain Jeff's boat only:
If no one in your party catches
fish, the trip is half price!
really great day salmon fishing charter
Columbia River Salmon Charter
Spring Chinook Fishing guide Jeff Keightley
Keeper Sturgeon fishing Astoria Oregon
Sturgeon Fishing charter, columbia river
Oregon Sturgeon fishing charters
Latest news: 2/24/17 Fisheries managers announced Spring Chinook
season on the lower Columbia River. March 1st through April 6th. As
many of you know, the April 6th is a "soft target". Last year they
closed it one day early. Historically, the season has been extended
past the target date, but we just wont know until then. Fisheries
managers have forecast a fairly strong run of 227,890 Spring Chinook
salmon to run up the river this year. The sportsman's quota is 8689
and I hope to get every bit of my share.

The best dates are typically as close as you can get to the last day,
but we normally start doing well beginning the second week of March.
I still have much of the first week of April available and most days in
March as well. Dan Young and I have already been out a couple of
times and did have one on (but he lost it). There have been some fish
caught already, so those of you who know me, know that I am all
about Spring Chinook and will hit it hard every chance I get. I am once
again offering a guarantee.... if your party gets skunked, its half price.
I'm not going to let that happen if I can do anything about it. The top is
already on the boat, rods are ready, reels are serviced, kwikfish
cleaned and some new ones added.  I cant WAIT!!! Who is with me!??
Salmon and Crab fishing limits
King Salmon fishing guided trips
giant king salmon caught on a guided river trip
Really nice Spring Chinook salmon caught on guided river trip
Large Coho Salmon caught on ocean charter
Bottom fishing in spring months is normally excellent.  
ea bass are the most plentiful fish caught at this fishery,
followed by Kelp Greenling (aka sea trout), Cabezon and
least common, the prize of bottom fishing, Ling Cod.  We
need calm ocean conditions for this fishery, when we get
them, we SCORE a bunch of delicious fishes!

Sturgeon fishing in the lower Columbia river during summer
months is hard to put into words! Incredibly fun!  10 foot
and larger fish are a possibility, 20-100 giant fish a day!  
Sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America
and they fight like mad! I'm telling you, eat your wheaties
prior to this one!  Sturgeon fishing is catch and release
only in the lower Columbia. No retention, no harvest.  
Yes fun!  Best dates are mid May through mid August.
Lower Columbia River Spring Chinook fishing
Fishing for Spring
Chinook is quite a bit
more enjoyable in a
boat with a full
enclosure and a good
heater vs an open
sled.  Loving springers
as much as I do, this
was one of my first
purchases after
buying the boat.